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About our Classes
Make-up Beauty & Beyond is a name rapidly growing in the cosmetics industry, providing services, products, education opportunities, and events. We are NOT a Cosmetology or Beauty School!!!

Our Mission: is to exceed our student 's expectations and encourage the evolution of every day women & aspiring makeup artist,  Make-up Beauty & Beyond graduates realize their dreams and develop lucrative
 careers in our industry.  

 Make-up Beauty & Beyond will provided step-by step application instructions by a licensed Aesthetician &  Paul Mitchell  Certified Makeup/Spa
Specialist everything from basic everyday l
ooks to special-occasion makeup.                                                                    
                                                                                   Class includes:
Sanitation101, makeup101, theorydemonstrations, 
hands on, photo shoot media & fashion show makeup.
Make-up Beauty & Beyond are not promoting one single brand, you learn how and why to use all the best makeup, lashes & airbrush products the industry has to offer.
As the technology evolves we will continue to stay on the
cutting edge of Make-up Beauty & Beyond.

Resister Now!!! for Spring Classes
We offer a number of different specialized makeup courses that allow you to focus on an area of expertise related to your makeup artist career goals, as well as a basic course perfect for beginners and those who may have worked at cosmetics counters but have never received formal makeup training.

Training Dates

  Welcome to the World of Makeup
Certification w/kit Professional photo-shoot w/pictures
(Beginners 5 Day Training)(4) Hours a day
9am-1:30pm Monday-Friday
April 21st- 25th   
    May 5th – 9th      
 Welcome to the World of Makeup
(Accelerated 3Day Training) 
(4 Hour a day)
12:00pm-5:00pm Saturday, Sunday, Monday
         May 24th - 26th 

Welcome to the World of Makeup
w/or without kit Professional photo-shoot w/pictures
(1Day Lesson) (8 Hour Classes)
Saturday (Upon request)

Air Brush Makeup Artistry w/kit & Certification
 Bridal photo shoot w/ pictures 
(Accelerated 3 Day Training)
w/ Fashion Photo shoot
(4 Hour Classes)
12:00pm-5:00pm Friday, Saturday Sunday, 

3D Lash Certification w/kit
(1Day Lesson) (4 Hour Classes)

I’ m Every Woman Sessions ( 1or 2 Day Lessons)
(4 or 8 Hour Classes)
w/Xclusive look In A Box
 Saturday or Sunday (Upon request)

Refresher Classes (1 or 2 Day Training)
(Salon professionals)
 (4) Hours day 12:00pm-5:00pm
Sunday – Monday  (Upon request)


Lash/Brow BAr 
Man Zone Classes
Waxing 101
Quick Tweeze
Lash placement
Enhance my eyes & Lips
Face shapes/ Contouring .vs. Highlighting
What Skin R U IN?

All Facial and Waxing classes are for
licensed Aesthetician & Cosmetologist ONLY!!! 

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How good are you in appling your or someone else makeup?
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